Disunity What objective observations can we make about strong creative? Studying the fine and performance arts, from painting to stand up comedy, we find that interest is generated in a purposeful disconnection, a tension, an imbalance. The artist chooses to cause a disruption from the ordinary events of life and […]

Essential Terms Short Format videos can exhibit all kinds of characteristics, styles and functions, so it is worthwhile considering how these group together and relate to one another. We are considering all video that is created for commercial reasons that is not (A) a feature film, (B) a short film […]

The Need For A Creative Process Jumping in head–first to writing your script — INT. MAKING IT UP AS I GO ALONG, DAY. — isn’t a very good way to spend your time. Maybe you’ll have some fun, or crack out some lovely LOL–inducing bants, but this is the same […]