Animation Story Format Thanks for joining the 3rd part of our discussion on formats, with animation rounding out the topic. A favourite for videos that need to explain complex ideas, animation is a vast and wonderful domain, but I would be cautious about recommending it to a client without there […]

Story Formats continued Carrying on with last week’s look at story formats, here is our discussion on the interview-based format. Interview–Based An interview–based style presents the upfront challenge of not knowing exactly what someone will say or how they will phrase it. Writing it out is still essential, though, as […]

Story Format Apart from the constraints of its particular genre, short videos can follow several different methods of conveying the story. These are: 1. Live–Action Narrative 2. Interview—Based 3. Direct Address 4. Observational 5. Animation 6. Abstraction To keep these posts a manageable size, we’ll split off Interview–Based and Animation […]