Finishing The Treatment Last week, we looked at the essential parts of the treatment and discussed how they are a reaction to the brief. With your concepts selected and developed, it’s time get some visual references in there and submit the treatment for review. Visual References A really helpful (though […]

Writing The Treatment The treatment is your best friend. I would never do a job without one. It is your contract, it is your safety net, it lays out all of the important parameters so that there are as few misunderstandings as possible. A good treatment forces clarity between everyone […]

The Stages of Creative Development For creatives working in the commercial sphere, there are general stages of creative development that a job needs to pass through to keep everyone sane and things moving smoothly. Sometimes, though, you don’t have the time to fit them all in — or your instinct […]

Essential Terms Short Format videos can exhibit all kinds of characteristics, styles and functions, so it is worthwhile considering how these group together and relate to one another. We are considering all video that is created for commercial reasons that is not (A) a feature film, (B) a short film […]

The Need For A Creative Process Jumping in head–first to writing your script — INT. MAKING IT UP AS I GO ALONG, DAY. — isn’t a very good way to spend your time. Maybe you’ll have some fun, or crack out some lovely LOL–inducing bants, but this is the same […]