Johhnie Walker Serves 2018

Part of a 13-video campaign for Johnnie Walker. Agency R/GA, Exec Producer Karim Zouak, Producer Alessandra Peretti, Director Michael J. Ferns, DOP Ian Forbes, Focus Kate Eccarius, Gaffer Charlie Wilkins, Drinks Stylist Tom Woodward, Props Nine George, Manicurist Romina Ribaudo, PAs Ellen Buddle and Urte Povilaityte, Editor Jack Padgham, Colourists Lisa Fischer and Chris Shaw, additional post by Lucky Cat.

Johnnie Walker 2017

Various Johnnie Walker assets shot over the last year at Hangar Seven. Different campaigns directed/shot by Paul Lilley, shot by Tommy Bolwell, shot by Dan Jaroschik, produced by Lucy Anderson, edited by Jack Padgham, directed/executive produced by myself.


This series of “How To” cocktail videos for Tanqueray have spanned 2017, covering video, stills, cinemagraphs and GIFs. My team (as Executive Producer) was director by Niall Coffey, DoP by Daniel Jaroschik, and producers Lucy Anderson and Rui Texeira.

My Protein “Finish To Start”

This global brand film was translated into 15 languages at last count, produced by Ian Hart and directed/shot by Deane Thrussel for me (Executive Producer) at Hangar Seven. Jamie Bell was creative, with production spanning 6 exciting days all over the UK and a quick trip to Dresden.

Ciroc Vanilla Launch

This launch video was directed by Christian James and shot by Adam Etherington, with Lucy Anderson producing for me at Hangar Seven (as Executive Producer). Creative Direction by A Plus Creative.

Grand Marnier

Part of extensive global brand assets shot for Grand Marnier, spanning video, stills, 360 and drone footage. Produced by Carolina Rinaldi, executive produced and directed by Karim Zouak.

Tesco Carousel

As Executive Producer at Hangar Seven, I worked with producer David Wieder and director Christian James to pull together 4 days of shooting for this lovely campaign depicting children playing with Tesco’s Carousel line of toys.

Dreams Social

Part of ongoing assets delivered for Dreams at Hangar Seven. Shot/animated by Chris Kirkham, directed/executive produced by Karim Zouak, and produced by Dionne Frater and Shey Obiswale.

LTA World Mental Health Day 2016 Campaign

Deadly Films, animator Nicos Livesey and I made these films for the LTA/British Tennis in recognition of World Mental Health Day 2016. Working closely with the team, I wrote, directed and edited these intimate audio interviews with Naomi Cavaday and Oli Jones. Shot with Thomas Bolwell (DoP) and Liam Acton (producer) in Manchester and London.

Ryvita Thins campaign with Laura Jackson

NatWest Schools Cup cinemagraphs & loops campaign

Nike Radiant Reveal boot launch campaign

Lyle’s Golden Syrup

More Online Work

  • UN International Year of the Co–Op
    UN International Year of the Co–Op
    Director/Producer/Writer Karim Zouak, Producer/Character Design Kerr Smith, Animator Sean Branigan, Compositor Karim Zouak, Executive Producer Brian Ainsworth.
  • Hogbites
    Stop motion animation I wrote, directed and animated for Hogbites with Bear Jam Productions.
  • Murale makeup
    Murale makeup
    Makeup preparation video for Murale, a beauty retailer. Client: Totem. Creative Director: Peter Grimaldi, Art Director: Tomislava Franicevic, Producer/Director/Editor: Karim Zouak, Camera and Graphics: Eli Schwanz, V/O Talent: Sam Cook with Vox Talent.
  • Sobey’s How–To
    Sobey’s How–To
    This video is online content for Sobey’s, the second largest national food retailer in Canada. It depicts how to prepare a layer cake. Client: Totem. Creative Director Peter Grimaldi, Producer/Director Karim Zouak, Art Director Ruth Alves, Talent Claudia Bianchi, DoP Kevin CW Wong, Audio Recordist Tyler Cook, PA Lauren McCuaig.
  • Breville 4–Slice Toaster
    Breville 4–Slice Toaster
    This product promo film for Breville depicts their 4–Slice Toaster. Now I’m addicted to toast, albeit perfectly toasted to the top. We also shot an identical film for the 2-Slice. Agency Hangar Seven, Producer Emma Heald, Creative Director Stephen Godson, Director/Editor Karim Zouak, DoP Simon Rowling, 1st CamAssist/Operator Kieron Jansch, […]
  • Runway Magazine “Stratospheric Growth“
    Runway Magazine “Stratospheric Growth“
    This is a stop–motion piece that I wrote, directed, shot, animated and edited for Hangar Seven’s “Runway Magazine” series. Produced by Mira Bajagic, sound design and mix by Maxwell Scott, audio recording by Aaron Thompson, V/O and production assistance by James Hogan, research by Zak Klein, Executive Creative Director Matt […]