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  • Story Format — Part 1 of 3

    Story Format — Part 1 of 3

    Story Format Apart from the constraints of its particular genre, short videos can follow several different methods of conveying the story. These are: 1. Live–Action Narrative 2. Interview—Based 3. Direct Address 4. Observational 5. Animation 6. Abstraction To keep these posts a manageable size, we’ll split off Interview–Based and Animation story formats into their own […]

  • Defining Genres — Factual

    Defining Genres — Factual

    Factual Documentary, editorial and journalism videos use the real world as subject with varying degrees of objectivity. I would shy away from journalism proper, as this is a very specific tradition with a burden of balanced perspective that is probably best left to someone trained in that area. Documentaries wear a veneer of objectivity but […]