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  • Runway Magazine “Stratospheric Growth“
    Runway Magazine “Stratospheric Growth“
    This is a stop–motion piece that I wrote, directed, shot, animated and edited for Hangar Seven’s “Runway Magazine” series. Produced by Mira Bajagic, sound design and mix by Maxwell Scott, audio recording by Aaron Thompson, V/O and production assistance by James Hogan, research by Zak Klein, Executive Creative Director Matt […]
  • “Samt e nó” teaser campaign
    “Samt e nó” teaser campaign
    These idents are part of an on-air campaign for the new talk show ‘Samt e nó’ produced by Manoto TV for Manoto 1, a channel broadcast in the UK, Middle East and North Africa. Creative Producer/Director/Writer Karim Zouak, Series Producer Roxy, Creative Director Andrew Keep, Cinematographer Kevin Early, Editor Jamie […]