Karim Zouak

I am an award-winning filmmaker with creative and technical experience throughout production, from development to delivery.

My teams have made over 100 hours of broadcast television and commercials in international markets in multiple languages, for clients such as Channel 4, Adidas, Nike, Liberty Bell, Marjan Television, Unilever, Diageo, Sony, Philips, M&S, HP and MTV.

I have developed new and existing shows, scope and managed budgets, coaxed strong performances out of talent, found a story as it develops, communicated effectively according to different participants’ needs, created dynamic visual storytelling, and employed innovative techniques and technology.

My next steps are moving deeper into emerging technology, and it would be amazing to go there with you. Recent projects have involved Virtual Production on a professional VP stage, Indie Virtual Production with an HTC Vive kit, supporting a Production Designer to pre-visualise her set build in VR, creating an all-Unreal CG film with MoCap and customised characters, and building an innovative pinball game.

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